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Some of the various reactions that I get when I tell people that I am teaching yoga or going to a yoga class:
“I can’t stand on my head or touch my toes, so forget it”
“Isn’t it something religious?”
“It’s so boring, not for me, I need action!”

Well, these are just SOME of the benefits that yoga has to offer:
A healthier, more flexible body with better circulation and stronger muscles,
a stronger nervous system. improvement in concentration, focus and balance,
Manages arthritis, helps with back pain, blood pressure, depression, osteoporosis…
Shall I go on?

Yoga means union. The union of the mind and body and the union of breath and movement.
In a world that’s full of distractions the practice of yoga gives us the opportunity to:
Be still
Look inside
Find the quiet within
Be present
Let go.
Yoga is about you and what you need at this moment, and each day you’ll find something different that needs attention- one day you might practice for patience, the next day for focus and clarity needed for a certain project, another time you will need to de-stress so your practice might be more healing and restorative while another day you might be looking for more energy- and all of this you can find on your mat and then take it off your mat and with you throughout your day.

Kady Harari is Director of Keren Gefen's Yoga Program for the Haredi Community

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